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Course PM202
Project Scope and Quality Management

Course Ethos

Turning "What the Customer Wants" into "What they Get":
Core Competencies for Managing Project Scope (and Quality)
A successful project is like a hurdles race: to win you must clear every one. The hurdles represent the specification of project scope and quality. This course provides attendees with the technique and spring in their step to start and end the project successfully.
There is a 2 day variant of this course which covers Project Quality exclusively

Course Objective

To provide attendees with the skills to


Course Benefits

On completion of this course students will

Who Should Attend

All those involved in creation of project plans.
Anyone involved in the capture of project requirements, scope definition and early stages of project approvals.

Note this course is concerned with the use of project management tools such as the WBS, but not with business process modelling techniques and the use of UML oriented CASE tools.

Content and Workshops

The course is delivered as a sequence of structured Lessons and Workshops