FTT is a UK-based taining and consultancy company offering instructor-led training across a broad range of information technology and software engineering subjects.

Our primary business is the delivery of bespoke technical training courses. Class sizes are limited to 10 students. We also offer one-on-one and small group training, where appropriate, at reasonable cost. We do not usually publish public course schedules.

Our areas of expertise include Real-Time and Embedded Systems, Linux, databases and networking. We also offer training in application and systems programming in a variety of languages including C, C++, Java, Perl and assembly languages for various 8-bit and 16-bit microcontrollers.

FTT is a Microchip/CMX training and consultancy partner. We offer PIC16F/PIC18F, dsPIC , PIC24, PIC32 and CMX courses using Microchip/CMX approved materials.

XML Training

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FTT are Altova partners and make extensive use of XML Spy in our XML Courses.

As well as standard XML courses we also provide "mixed subject" courses tailored to customer requirements e.g. "LINQ and XML", "Python and XML", "Oracle and XML".

In 2010 we developed and ran a variety of specialised XML modules covering a variety of topics such as "XML and databases", "Subversion (SVN) version control and DiffDog", "RDF and Ontology building"

Since May 2010 we have been running courses for mobile telephony application developers. These include courses for Apple MAC OSX and iPhone developers, as well as courses for Android developers. Places on public courses will be limited so it is advisable to book early to avoid disappointment.

Call or email us:

Technical enqiries: Tel.no.: 020 8669 0769, email to awe at ftt.co.uk
Sales enquiries: Tel.no.: 020 8647 1939, email: ajay.p at btinternet.com

FTT New Courses : In 2010 we developed a number of specialised courses. Partly as a result of forming training partnerships with companies such as Micrium and IAR

Micrium uCOSII and TCP/IP courses

The new Micrium training curriculum contains courses covering uCOSII C programming and TCP/IP C programming using Micrium's TCP/IP protocol stack, as well as courses covering GUI programming, USB programming and implementation of bootloaders using Micrium's bootloader library.

IAR Embedded and Real Time C programming and VisualState courses

The IAR training curriculum covers the entire range of IAR products and provides Real-Time and Embedded Systems, training courses ranging from novice through to advanced professional level. As well as generic ( micro-controller independent training ) there are courses targeted at specific microcontrollers. These include courses targeted at the new ARM Cortex M3 architecture microcontrollers as well as ARM7/ARM9 microcontrollers. Courses targeted specifically at other architectures such as the AVR, AVR32 architectures, the Renesas family of microcontrollers and the NEC family of microcontrollers are also available ( please inquire ).

Robotics and Computer Games in Teaching Initiatives

FTT is also actively involved in fostering and encouraging the use of robotics and computer game programming in schools and higher education, not only as subjects in their own right, but also as technologies that can be incorporated into the teaching of other subjects such as art, psychology, languages and, even, physical education. One aspect of this work is the setting up of the UK Robotics Education Foundation

Arduino and Scratch Courses and Workshops

Another aspect is the development of programming, robotics and computer game development courses for teachers, artists and "non-technologists" in general, as well as workshops. During the last 6 months we have run several small Arduino and Scratch programming workshops for artists, teachers and "tinkerers and creative types" We ran successful Arduino workshops at UKUUG's 2009 Conference and at Europython 2010.

Call us:

Technical enqiries: 020 8669 0769
Sales enquiries: 020 8647 1939